Public Art Masterplan

Sydney Metro City and southwest, 2017

In 2017 the consulting firm through which I practice, Cultural Capital, delivered the Sydney Metro City and Southwest Public Art Masterplan to Transport for NSW.

This complex undertaking for Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project pioneers new ground in NSW. Our masterplan demonstrates how art in transport infrastructure can serve as cultural connective tissue: enriching communities, generating identity and stimulating economic development. 

The comprehensive document sets out a methodology to enable every aspect of the program’s delivery. It encompasses curatorial strategy, procurement methodology, project governance, artist management, partnership strategy, site analysis and stakeholder engagement. 

This program will elevate Sydney’s place as a global city and deliver a legacy to the people of NSW that will go on giving for decades; creating identity, delighting citizens, increasing well-being, attracting visitors, enlivening public domain and generating financial benefits. 

Producing this type of art and cultural masterplan utilises all of Cultural Capital’s capabilities. Effective cultural masterplans are a judicious blend of operational pragmatism and the aspirational vision necessary to ensure that infrastructure projects deliver both modern functionality and cultural wellbeing.